Record Player/Radio Repair

The More in Dayton Arcades and More is a wide range including the repair of vintage audio systems. This includes:

  • Record players
  • Tube Radios
  • Jukeboxes
  • Stereos
  • Cd players (except lasers we don’t have the equipment to fix a laser)
  • Victrola’s
  • And More!

We do offer yearly maintenance of Jukeboxes at your location. We charge $50 plus the mileage cost to your location from our shop for a yearly maintenance visit. For other services such as fixing or tear down of a machine will differ in price and may be recommended to be brought to our shop for service.

This includes checking:

  • lights
  • Transporter Function
  • Basket Homing Function (moves the records around)
  • the pick-up
  • Needle condition
  • Other mechanical functions depending on your model